Assignments 1-5

The separate categories for Assignment 1, 2, 3 etc are where your tutor and assessors will look for the presentation of your assignment, with links to your finished work, tutor reports and any subsequent follow-up work. You may not be intending to submit your work for assignment in this way, however it’s still worth setting up these categories, as you’ll find it really useful when you’ve finished your course, and are preparing your work for assessment.

4 thoughts on “Assignments 1-5

    1. mags

      I see – thank you. It’s a little confusing, though, as here: it says ‘The preparatory work for an assignment should be documented here, in the coursework section.

      The separate categories Assignment 1, Assignment 2, Assignment 3 and so on, are for the formal hand-in presentation notes that you will send to your tutor, tutor reports, and any follow-up work you may do responding to feedback from your tutor.’

      That’s why I was puzzled, as I would have thought it would be simpler to keep all Ass. 1 posts together. But from your reply, it seems that that’s what you’re suggesting, which seems to be at odds with the information given in the two different sections on this sample blog. That said, I’ve found the rest of the blog extremely easy to navigate!

      1. Pam Wright

        I think you decide what works best for you, but check with your tutor too. The essence of it is to be able to separate out your assignment hand-in work from your more exploratory coursework.

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