How to photograph works of art

How to photograph works of art from Open College of the Arts on Vimeo.


Assignments 1-5

The separate categories for Assignment 1, 2, 3 etc are where your tutor and assessors will look for the presentation of your assignment, with links to your finished work, tutor reports and any subsequent follow-up work. You may not be intending to submit your work for assignment in this way, however it’s still worth setting up these categories, as you’ll find it really useful when you’ve finished your course, and are preparing your work for assessment.

Adding images – the path of least resistance

This is a simple way to upload images and display them in your post.  Add your text first and update your post to save it. Then, add your images one at time underneath your text, and make sure there is a clear blank line between your text and image, and between all subsequent images.  If your images are smaller than about 500 pixels, then in the ‘Alignment’ dropdown (bottom right corner in the picture above) select ‘Center’.  This way you should get your text and images nicely spaced.

Read more in the step-by-step guide:  How to set up an OCA Learning Log on WordPress (pdf)

fence and foliage silhouette

Flower stalk silhouette

Telegraph pole

Project work

Log entries for specific projects (or exercises) should make it clear which particular project they refer to. You should also include photos both of your work and sketch book pages.

You also need to make a clear reference between the relevent blog posts and physical pieces of work that you send to your tutor as part of an assignment – and also when you send in your work for assessment.