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Tutors and assessors – what are they looking for?

Always be putting yourself in their shoes, and think, how am I going to make it easy for my tutor and assessors? If in doubt, then check with your tutor.

Illustrate your work-in-progress

When you are writing about your work you need to illustrate it with photos of your work, step by step. Your tutor will want to see, visually, how you reached your final piece of work.

Referencing between your blog and your (physical) artwork

If your work is physical rather than electronic – which it will be for most Fine Arts student – and you are sending your work in as canvases, A1 sheets, boxes of 3D materials, and so on, then you will need to find a clear and obvious way of referencing your actual artwork to the relevent blog posts.

Referencing between blog posts

For example – If you are writing a reflective piece where you want to compare a gallery visit you have written up, some research on a particular artist in a separate post, and a post documenting your own work experimenting with an idea… there are a couple of ways of doing this. You can simply link the url addresses of the posts you are referencing. You can use Tags to create a common keyword that links the posts together.  Think about it from your tutor’s point of view, the references need to be very obvious and the links need to work.

Your Assignments

If you are sending in your assignments via your blog – using the categories Assignment 1 – 5 you have set up – then keep it simple. Present it using just one blog post, which contains all the relative documents and coursework blog posts, as links. This way, your tutor knows where to start, and where to find everything that’s relevent. When you have received your feedback from your tutor, you can add the tutor report, and if you do any follow-up work, you can add links to this too.  So, by the time you get to the end of your course, and are thinking about assessment… then you can find everything too.

But remember… a Learning Log is:

  • a personal record as well as an element of work for formal submission for assessment
  • a form of self expression, often developing into a significant piece of work
  • something to help you plan, develop, reflect upon and collect evidence of your learning and skills
  • a tool to encourage you to think carefully about your learning
  • used to record what you have learned, experimented with and thought about
  • a way to help your tutor see what and how you have learned
  • organised in a manner which suits you and your tutor and is appropriate for assessment
  • organised how you wish, can look neat or dishevelled – as long as it’s legible!